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chaotic_quill's Journal

Your Friendly Marauder Advice Column
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Saturday night. Nearly one o'clock in the morning. The Gryffindor common room was nearly deserted, save for four boys, doing varying activities. Two of the boys were buried in books and parchment, studying, one was was boredly slouching in an armchair, and the last was playing with a Snitch, talking fluently to the air about a girl called Lily Evans' eyes. The boy slouching in the chair had long ago tired of listening to this romantic tripe, and now turned eyes to one of the boys studying.

"Moony, why're you always STUDYING!" he whined.

The boy called Moony didn't even spare the other boy a glance.

"We have O.W.Ls in less than a week, Sirius," he said simply. "You should be studying."

"Studying's no fun," he pouted. "Give me something entertaining to do, I'm bored."

"Why don't you start an advice column, then?!" snapped Moony irritably.


Remus: Yep. You read that right. An advice column. Just submit a question, ANY question, and one of us marauders will answer it for you.

Sirius: What if it's a stupid question?

James: That shouldn't be a problem for you, then, should it Padfoot?

Remus: ....So if you're asking a serious question, please put Point me! in the subject line. If it's a non-serious question, please put I solemnly swear I am up to no good in the subject line.

Peter: *slinks out of shadows* And also, please put who your letter is addressed to as clearly as you can in your letter. Bolden it. Or something.

Sirius: Yeah...and no fangirling!

James: *shudder* Yeah, we really get enough of that at school as it is...

Sirius: Not that we BLAME the poor girls, of course...

James: But we can't possibly go out with you all. Unfortunately. So letters that simply fangirl ("OMG James, you are SOOOO hawt, lolz) will be deleted without warning.

Sirius: Anything else goes, though.

Remus: *sigh* Unfortunately.

Your lovely founder and mods, summoner_sue kirasha, salienne, madambellatrix will tolerate no tripe, either. Be nice to each other, or we'll go down on your pansy arse.

Oh yes, nearly forgot.

summoner_sue would personally like to thank letterstolnl, as that community was a partial inspiration for this one. Kudos, guys!

James Potter: aka Prongs: salienne
Sirius Black: aka Padfoot: summoner_sue
Remus Lupin: aka Moony: kirasha
Peter Pettigrew: aka Wormtail

Honourary Marauders
Lily Evans: aka Evans: madambellatrix
Severus Snape: aka Snivellus